Caring and Experienced Probate Lawyers in Kitsap County

The loss of a loved one brings with it a full range of responsibilities as well as emotions. We recognize that this time is very difficult for you. At the law firm of Ryan, Montgomery & Armstrong, Inc., P.S., in Silverdale, Washington, our attorneys have the knowledge and compassion to understand your situation and help you through the probate process. You can reach us online or you can call 360-307-8860 or toll free 800-481-8861.


Taking the Burden off you During the Estate Administration Process

If you recently lost a family member, you may want to consider locating an experienced estate attorney. Attorney Jim Ryan has been with our firm since 1975 and has focused much of his career in real estate, estate planning and probate. He is experienced in settling both small and large estates.


We will file the appropriate documents for you, retitle assets to the correct beneficiaries, work with financial advisers to assist in distribution of assets, deal with creditors of the estate, and work with accountants as necessary on federal and state tax returns. You do not need the added burden of attempting to deal with these unfamiliar processes on your own. Put the work in our hands and we will guide you through this process.


Help Your Loved Ones by Planning Ahead

If you lost a loved one who did not have a Will, then you understand the complications that can arise during estate administration. Avoid having your loved ones go through the same troubled times you experienced by creating a comprehensive estate plan.

We assist clients with a full array of estate planning services, including Will and Trust preparation and the creation of durable powers of attorney and advanced health care directives.


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